Friday, December 17, 2004

The O.C. Report

Ok - yarmu-Claus notwithstanding - I think my favorite show is showing signs of sophomore slump.

Tonight's episode was like Seth's Chrismukkah: Presaged by high expectations, started off promisingly, ended up being very busy but oddly lacking in any real oomph. The "moment of truth" fell surprisingly flat. I just didn't buy Kirsten's reaction - neither her initial meltdown nor her sudden turnaround vis a vis Lindsay. (Seth, however, was charmingly and totally Seth in trying to win Lindsay over as a Cohen. Let's see, she would be his - aunt?) In real life...but then, when has "The O.C." ever been about real life? Also, I'm getting a bit tired of the whole Ryan and Lindsay dance already. "Ryan, I don't think we should see each other. Oh wait, I changed my mind." Rinse and repeat. Come on, we had enough of that with Marissa last year, and Marissa was much more spectacularly screwed up than Lindsay ever could be.

However, I'm confident the show will find its groove again. Looks like the writers are planning to inject an even heavier dose of melodrama into the new year. It appears from the previews that Jimmy and Julie continue hot and heavy, Julie bribes D.J. to stay away from Marissa, Marissa dallies in lesbianism (with Alex?!), an old flame of Sandy's shows up, and his marriage with Kirsten begins to show strain...But of all these plot threads, there's one more unbelievable than the rest:

That Sandy would forget his wedding anniversary. No, never!

Line of the week: "Oy, humbug."

No "Apprentice" report this week, since I only watched the final boardroom - which was faintly bizarre, to say the least - but I have to say I'm glad that Jennifer didn't win!

And finally, on a completely unrelated note: a happy 234th birthday to Beethoven. There are many brilliant composers and several great ones, but none so great as you.


Blogger echan said...

i've missed 3 or 4 O.C. episodes and now i feel completely out of the loop. what happened to haley? i figured that they had to get rid of her since the actress that plays her is on the north shore. also, did anything every happen between cohen and the punk rock chick (i think that was the last episode i caught -- when he gets the job at the club).

as for the upcoming previews, there were a few teasers that made me feel as though the show is ready to jump the shark, if it hasn't already.


hope all is well in the pasadena. are you returning east for the holidays?


i had to create a blogger account just to post, but you can find me on the harvard site.

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