Friday, April 22, 2005

The O.C. Report

Having missed about three or four of the last several episodes (though I did manage to catch slightly more than half of last week's), I return to my favorite guilty pleasure to find that everything old is new again:

-Ryan punches someone out
-An Atwood gets a narrow-shave save from jail, thanks to the man in the white hat, aka Sandy
-Sexual tension (and possibly sex?) between Ryan & Marissa
-Scrapping between Seth and Summer
-Julie gets caught in flagrante delicto in a cheap motel room with a guy who's not her husband (either of her husbands).

And whaddya know, it works - I really enjoyed this episode. It's the classic formula with a new twist:

-Unlike Ryan, Trey may prove to be un-savable, despite his own and everyone else's best intentions.
-Marissa and Ryan are *so* going to get it on...though not, I think, in this eppy.
-Marissa doesn't pull a Tijuana. In fact, I don't even remember seeing her take a drink. This has to be unprecedented.
-Seth's the toast of the town - the comic book town, that is - and Summer's the one on the outside looking in. Granted, more with the attitude of someone visiting a zoo than peering into a garden.
-Kirsten teeters precariously on the brink of marital infidelity. (You know the show's working when it has me hollering "Don't do it!" at the T.V.)
-Julie's innocent - and egad, she shows a streak of humanity! Who'd have thunk it? Unless Caleb's pulled a Stepford and replaced the porn queen with bizarro-Julie. Or - better yet - unless Julie herself has some more diabolical plot afoot.

Other random observations:
-The guy playing Trey bears a striking resemblance to the actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
-I don't like how the writers are making Zack into a smirking asshole. Can't tell if he's just enjoying watching Seth squirm or has real intentions of stealing Summer back. Probably a bit of both. But it's unworthy of him, and most unappealing.
-What's with Summer dissing people who drink wine for fun?
-Speaking of wine, I half-expected Jack and Miles from "Sideways" to make a cameo in the winery scenes - especially when Carter and Kirsten talked about not using the spit bucket. (Btw, how much you wanna bet he LIED about that surfer-chick turning him down?)
-I gleaned absolutely no shard of intelligible meaning from the jumble that was "scenes from next week" - except for a vague impression that the will-Kirsten-fall dance is going to be prolonged for yet another episode. Nooaaugh...If she does succumb, I will throw pita chips at the T.V. Sandy, I love you, but you're being a total chump about your wife.
-High cab fares were incurred in this episode. In case any of you thought that Summer was just being pissy when she said the cab ride from the comic-book fete would be over $300...well, she wasn't. The party was apparently in Silver Lake, and let me tell you, from Silver Lake to Newport Beach is an obscenely long schlepp. Santa Barbara is significantly farther.

No line of the week. Suggestions welcome.


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