Monday, July 30, 2007

Get Your Fresh Hot Cinescope Today!

So I really should have linked this ages and ages ago, but better late than never...

About a year or so ago, my friend Ezra and a couple of his friends set up the coolest website, Cinescopes. Basically, if you set up a profile and enter your ten favorite movies, you can get your own personal "cinescope" - something like a horoscope but more like a personality test, based on the premise that you can tell a lot about a person's character based on the movies he/she loves. If you're like me you'll find it hard to narrow your list down to just ten movies, but it's still fun and very telling. Based on the ten I picked off the top of my head, I'm apparently a "Loyal Warrior."

You can use your profile to meet and network with other people who have entered profiles and even find "matches" based on people who have movie tastes compatible with yours.

You can also subscribe to their magazine and buy stuff, including a book that expands on the site, Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Reveal About You, that's set to come out in November (but you can pre-order it now). Expect another plug here when it comes out...

In the meantime, explore the site and enjoy!


Blogger Tonio Kruger said...

Heh. Cinescope believes I'm a Rebellious Lover. Which should be news to my family and my girlfriend.

Thanks for the tip, Lylee. The test was fun but I doubt I'm going to do much networking on this site for obvious reasons.

8:13 PM  

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