Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Mad Men" Ep. 3.6: "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency"

Hole-ee shit. I cannot believe what went down in THIS episode. Gruesomely funny, and also just plain gruesome. Who'da thought we'd ever see blood being splattered across the Mad Men's suits and office windows?

I've been feeling pretty under the weather this weekend so I'm going to turn in early tonight and do a fuller recap later - but just some brief thoughts:

Figures it was Lois. Is this the last we'll see of her? Can't say I'll miss her.

By contrast - Joan absolutely rules, and we'd better not be seeing less of her. Never have I admired her so much while feeling so badly for much talent, ability, COMPETENCE being so terribly wasted. I hope she finds a way out of that dead-end marriage, and I believe she will - she's got too much gumption to stay down forever. Christina Hendricks was fab, fab, fabulous again. Joan & Don in the hospital waiting room was quite possibly my favorite scene so far this season. Joan's last convo with Peggy, OTOH (Peggy all awkwardly well-meaning as only Peggy could be), made my heart break.

Speaking of Peggy, one little detail I liked: Pete catching her when she swooned. Aw. Have to admit I'm still kind of 'shipping those two, though I also root for Pete-Trudy sometimes.

I need a freeze-frame shot of that "reorganization" chart drawn up by Guy Kendrick aka One-Foot...though I suppose it's moot now(?) since One-Foot is out. Those Brits are coldhearted bastards, as evidenced by their easy use & disposal of Duck, Pryce, and now One-Foot. I'm kind of glad Pryce is sticking around, at least for the moment.

Very interested to see what comes of Don's re-connection with "Connie" Hilton. If Don's playing in the big leagues now, doesn't this put him in a better position to strike out on his own?

Meanwhile, at home, Don steps up to the plate as a dad. That lovely closing moment of the episode forced me to admit something I usually don't - in this episode, at least, Don is a way better parent than Betty. But I still don't blame Betty for being the way she is. She's doing the best she knows how; too bad her imagination/empathy seems so limited, at least compared to Don's.

And finally - congrats to "Mad Men" and Matthew Weiner for another Emmy victory! Now i just wish Emmy would give the cast more love.


Blogger EC said...

Normally, I wouldn't post something like this, but I can't resist:

6:58 PM  
Blogger EC said...

Also, this comment probably belongs on Ep. 3.5, but I was just thinking about Don & infidelity. I think it's inevitable that he will stray again, but the reason why I don't want him to is because it appears that Betty is retreating back into her "I'm a little girl" mental state again. Given season 2's tensions at home, combined with lingering shots of the Draper family oven, I'm worried that Betty Draper could pull a Sylvia Plath if wronged one more time.

5:10 PM  
Blogger ToastyKen said...

"He'll never golf again."

Everyone seemed to love this episode, but I actually had a somewhat negative initial reaction. I felt it was a bit too overt how Joan and Don both had their expectations shattered in similar ways. I also felt the Brits were a bit too blatantly heartless. But there was sill a lot I did like:

That line above was one. The moment when the Brits decided to let Joan have her party after all, and she burst into misinterpreted tears.. SO SAD. :( On the flipside, maybe some good will come of this. She sure wasn't getting anywhere at Sterling Cooper. I predict much more pain ahead on the husband front before things get better though.

I like how they handled the big surprise. It was utterly shocking, and a bit too deux ex machina, but then in retrospect you realized that the lawn mower had to have a purpose given the Law of Economy of Characters (or, in this case, Props).

It makes Joan's story even more sad, because Don got a reprieve, but Joan did not.

At first I felt Don's talks with sally were pretty pathetic. He had this "Grow up and get over it" attitude.. but then Betty more or less says it literally, and I realized Don is a far better father than she is a mother.

Yeah, I agree with EC that something is seriously wrong with Betty. She needs help. :(

6:18 AM  
Blogger lylee said...

I'm not so sure Betty is regressing, actually, or that she would collapse if she found out about another Don affair. She's not afraid to stand up to him - e.g., over baby Gene's name, and in tonight's episode, where she once would have accepted Don's keeping her closed off from the business side of his life, she's now calling it for the BS that it is. And while I'm not sure an affair with Belly Feeler is the best thing for her right now, at least she's getting out of the house.

2:38 AM  

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