Monday, May 03, 2010

R.I.P. Lynn Redgrave

Who put a curse on the Redgraves? Lynn Redgrave (younger sister to Vanessa) passed away yesterday, just a month after her older brother, Corin, suffered a fatal heart attack, and a year after her niece, Natasha Richardson, died of a freak brain injury caused by a skiing accident. Her own death was less unexpected - she'd been fighting breast cancer for several years - but no less tragic. She was only 67.

I haven't a great deal to say about her career, as I'm not particularly familiar with her work. I recall her most vividly from "Shine," in which she played David Helfgott's wife and savior, but I haven't seen the films for which she'll likely be best remembered ("Georgy Girl," "Gods and Monsters" come most readily to mind). Nevertheless, she was by all accounts not only a fine actress but also a great lady who endured her last days of suffering with courage and grace. May she always be remembered thus.


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