Sunday, October 17, 2004

So it does rain in Los Angeles...

And they really aren't kidding about Angelenos in the rain...I used to think people on the freeways here drove at either 80 mph or 5 mph, depending on the traffic. Driving home from Pasadena on the 110 last night, though, it was raining for the first time since I moved to L.A., and I witnessed the previously unimaginable: an orderly line of cars moving at about 45 mph, and most surreal of all, NO ONE WAS CHANGING LANES. Of course the 110 is precariously curvy, and the pace picked up a little once I hit the 10, but even there people were definitely driving as if they were learning how to drive in the rain - which of course they were. The one aggressive lane-shifter I saw looked kind of lonely yet defiantly dogged, like a solitary cowboy riding into the west.


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