Friday, January 07, 2005

The O.C. Report

Happy new year! Here’s hoping 2005 is more peaceful and prosperous than its predecessor. That’s not saying much—though it may be hoping too much. But we can only wait and see...and meanwhile balance the gloomy news with doses of healthy frivolity—such as “The O.C.”

A pleasing, if none too subtle symmetry rounds out tonight’s episode, tuned to the age-old theme: “Who’s yo’ sister?”

Only “The O.C.” could flirt with incest in order to telegraph the message “Ryan and Marissa have finally, REALLY moved on!”—and make it seem almost wholesome. It’s becoming a kind of specialty of the writers: As much incest as you like, but no blood incest. That way you get all of the juice, and none of the ick. Brilliant, when it works. Not sure it’s entirely working for poor ol’ Ryan and Lindsay, though they seem on a decidedly non-fraternal course. As for Ryan and Marissa, oh, never you fear. When the soap-op plot wheel comes around again for those two, they’ll sleep together, surrogate family or no.

Marissa in the meanwhile continues her descent into her own personal maelstrom. I was hoping she’d push Julie into the pool, and complete the whole Electra complex she’s got going there. If she keeps on hitting the bottle, though, she’s more likely to walk into the pool herself one day and never come out. (I know people who wouldn’t mind, but I for one would miss her. )

Binge drinking sits less comfortably with Seth, whose efforts to find his inner “bad boy” were truly hilarious. (Although I had to avert my eyes from the sight of him in a wife-beater. Noo, Cohen!) The corn-shucking kitchen scene was classic. The betrayal of “the code,” less so, partly because the whole Zach storyline was going nowhere fast. Acknowledging its datedness doesn’t make it any less stale.

I rather liked the last scene with Marissa and Jimmy. I like that he still decided to go even after her meltdown at his party. If he’s going to Maui, maybe he can guest-star on “North Shore” and make the dramatic revelation: Tessa, the reformed con artist extraordinaire, is really Haley! (Or vice versa.) After all, she is.

Lines of the week, both (of course) from Seth:
“Punch someone for old times’ sake, Ryan.”
“Shuck it yourself, old man.”
Not a line, but Sandy's reaction to the latter was also priceless.


Blogger echan said...

I only caught the second half of the episode, so I missed out on Seth's shennanagans, but my favorite quote was when Seth asked Ryan to cover for him by mingling at Jimmy Cooper's farewell party, and Ryan replies, "I don't talk, remember?" I know that this line of jokes is getting old though.


As for Alex and Lindsey, these two characters aren't growing on me. They lack the depth of the peripheral characters from season 1 (Anna and Luke). Alex looks too "Hollywood" to be believable as Seth's love interest, and Lindsey is just bland; more like something out of a Noxema commercial. Lindsey's character is a good foil to Marissa because of the contrast between the two, but I'm not seeing the chemistry between her and Ryan.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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