Friday, May 06, 2005

The O.C. Report

Oh, Trey, Trey, Trey...I wanted so much to like you, but instead they're sending you down the Oliver path...Just what we need, another psycho. Things are gonna get ugly - especially once Ryan finds out the truth.

(You'd think, incidentally, that Caleb Nichols would have better security around his house. But evidently not.)

So "The O.C." goes all dark on us now. Tonight's double-header should've been called "Secrets and Lies." (Or: "It Must Be Sweeps Month.") Lots of people hiding lots of bad things. Lots of suspicions and doubts being the predictable result.

Kirsten's crash - literally - wasn't nearly as much of a shock as it was calculated to be. Her drinking's been a red flag since day one, and it was just a matter of time before it precipitated a plot crisis. It's when she shifted from wine to vodka that you knew she was approaching the edge. Sandy to the rescue!

No, the real shock was Marissa's near-rape. That was a genuinely disturbing sequence, as was the later scene of her making out with Ryan. As if she hasn't gone through enough to mess her up for two lifetimes. That girl just seems to attract drama...or rather, trauma. And now it looks like she's going to be thrown out of her own house, along with Madame Cooper-Nichols, unless the latter successfully seduces or poisons her husband. Never underestimate la Julie - she'd make a fine Clytemnestra. However, the previews have teased us before on her criminal capacity: she didn't really shoot the porn-video guy, so I doubt she'll actually bump off her own husband. Rather, it sounds like she may try to drug him for long enough to make their marriage pass the one-year mark. The one thing of which I'm certain is that neither Julie nor Caleb will go quietly. I read somewhere that Jimmy Cooper makes an appearance in the season finale, so maybe that will throw another wrench into the works.

Meanwhile, battle is pitched between Seth and Zach, as the latter goes over to the dark side. That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain...I'm disappointed, I have to say. I liked Zach, much more than I liked Trey, and now both are turning out to be evil.

On a lighter note, the spring break in Miami had to be one of the more clumsily contrived plot threads this season, even for "The O.C." But it was still amusing, even if it failed to deliver on what looked like a sure bet for a knockdown brawl on South Beach. Instead, we're left with no more than a whipped-cream facial for Seth (who deserved it for sheer stupidity alone) and a gratuitous swipe at Bob Jones University. However, I did love the sight of Seth yukking it up with the seniors on the shuffleboard court...and Sandy being a good watchdog for his mama.

Line of the week: "Miami. Miami? Miami. Miami."

In other TV news of the week: Scott Savol finally exits "American Idol." Good riddance. Looks like the final two will probably be Bo and Carrie - though I'm proud of my girl Vonzell for bringing it this far.

Also, an excellent episode of "Lost" Wednesday night - well worth the wait. Nice parallelism between Sayeed's past and present, and a thoughtful use of topical themes, i.e., the psychology of terrorism, divided loyalties, etc. I liked that Sayeed didn't make the same choice (mistake?) twice. Naveen Andrews is an awesome actor, and I thought that the actress who plays Shannon was better than usual. (Even if she still looks like she's at the spa rather than stranded on a desert island. With what, pray, does she keep her eyebrows so well trimmed?) And I loved the whole silly little plot thread involving Claire's baby and Sawyer's voice. It was just the right level of comic relief.

Ok, enough from me. In the words of the immortal Ryan Seacrest...LYLEE OUT.


Blogger Lylee said...

I have enjoyed reading several of your blogs...I stumbled across them in an effort to find other people by the name of Lylee...I have never met anyone else with my name and am wondering if you know the origin of it.


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Blogger lylee said...

Unfortunately, I do not. Lylee isn't my actual name; it was my e-mail address in college, and it stuck as a nickname. Interesting to know it's a full name, as well. Good luck tracing its origin!

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