Friday, December 16, 2005

The O.C. Report

Nothin' like a good old-fashioned Chrismukkah miracle to ring in the holidays...even if it was the most ludicrously contrived miracle ever. Oy humbug, indeed. I didn't take Johnny for an idiot, but after tonight's episode I must conclude either he or I am missing something. How in hell would holding up a convenience store get him enough money to do anything?

When I first saw that gun I guessed (as I'm sure many did) he was going to commit suicide, and thought oh, how trite. But that would have been downright sensible compared to its real purpose. Geez, talk about lazy writing...And let's face it, the whole Johnny-Marissa-Ryan triangle is played out. Just as well it looks like Miss Cooper will be returning to Harbor in the not-too-distant future...and another Miss Cooper will be joining the party. The previews for upcoming episodes look mildly promising - who knew Marissa's little sister was still alive? And all grown up! All soaps need a bad girl, and with Haley long-gone, another wild-child sibling will fill the vacancy nicely.

Meanwhile, our old stalwarts labor faithfully to keep the Chrismukkah-mitzvah rama-dama-dingdong spirit alive, with somewhat better success. I've never been to a bar mitzvah, but I suspect anyone who's had one would be nodding wryly in response to Seth's memories. And how cute was it that Summer almost went to his? Her interaction with her dad, too, was surprisingly sweet. But I swear if the writers cook up a romance between Dr. Roberts and Julie Cooper, I am going to throw in the towel. Hasn't this show already made everyone else related to each other in some way? Summer was the lone holdout, and now they're pulling her in to the inbreeding zoo? Ah well, that's the O.C. fer ya. Resistance is futile.

Line of the week:
Sandy, persuading Marissa to join the Cohens for a picture: "Come on, you're practically family!"
Seth: "Well, technically I think she is."

Gratuitous thong shot of the week: Julie Cooper - I forget why she was bending over, I just remember the orange thong.


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