Friday, December 02, 2005

The O.C. Report

So pardon me for stating the obvious, but how exactly can a show with half of its major characters in Providence, RI, and the other half in northern California still be called "The O.C."?

Oh well - that's next year's problem. Maybe they'll change the show's name to "The Virtual O.C.," or "The Quasi-O.C."

That said, Seth is a perfect fit for Brown. (He'd be a babe magnet there.) Summer, not as perfect, though I like that she's shaking up the sorority-chick stereotype a bit next week. And it would be sad to see those two separated again - especially since they do look cute in those dorky furry caps. But since when did they go from being the Taylor girl's mortal enemies to a love triangle to her only friends? A lot must have happened in the last few weeks...Speaking of which, good riddance to Jeri Ryan and bravo to Julie Cooper for once again proving she's more bark than bitch.

As for Ryan & Marissa, you could see the U.C. regents coming for Ryan from the moment Seth bailed out on his daddy's dream and Sandy's friend stepped over the Cohen threshold. Contrived, but inevitable. And not nearly as contrived as Marissa's 24-hr turnaround from surfing groupie to Berkeley-bound conqueror of demons. This is at least the third time the writers have pulled that kind of stunt. The next time any character says (s)he's heading out to sea for a long time, I'll believe it when I see it.

I've decided I like Johnny. We'll see how long that lasts. But I will always remain a Ryan-Marissa 'shipper. After all, what's the O.C. without their angst?


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