Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo = No A.I. Recap

A late night at work (boo), followed by a late night margarita with friends (yay) in celebration of Mexico's most famous drinking holiday, precluded a timely viewing of Rock Week with the top 4 "American Idol" contestants. But without having even seen tonight's show, I can predict the following:

-Adam was treated like a god
-Danny was given more credit than he deserved
-Kris and Allison were given less credit than they deserved
-Either Kris or Allison will be leaving tomorrow. Which will make me very sad - esp. if it's Kris.

What's even sadder is just how transparent the show's machinations have become - to the point that I have no doubt at least 75% of what I just wrote above was, in fact, accurate. All I can say is if Kris gets voted off this week, I may not even bother to watch the rest of the season. It's just not worth it to me anymore.

On a more somber, but also more inspiring, Idol-related note, it appears that season 7 winner David Cook recently lost his older brother, Adam, to brain cancer. From what I can tell, the writing had been on the wall for quite a while, but the end finally came at the same time David was scheduled to run a 5K to raise money for cancer research. Like the mensch he is, DC still ran and was more than gracious afterwards in acknowledging both his own loss and the support he'd received. Here's a video of his speech that just about broke my heart.

Such a class act. He'll always be my American Idol.