Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Nominations are In...

More commentary to follow in the next several weeks, but for now, my initial thoughts. Predictions subject to change, of course.

1. "Aviator" and "Million Dollar Baby" will split Picture/Director. Not yet sure which way the split will go.

2. Jamie Foxx will bring home Best Actor (unless Academy gives him Supporting Actor and gives Clint Actor in order to give Marty Director?)...Haven't seen either "Being Julia" or "Million Dollar Baby," but at this point I'm betting on Annette Bening edging out Hilary Swank. Best Supporting Actor and Actress are wide open.

3. Poor Paul Giamatti. Guess that's what you get for playing a loser.

4. "Before Sunset" is adapted from what? (Love the movie, btw. Totally deserved some kind of writing nomination, not to mention an acting nod for the fabulous Julie Delpy, which of course she did not get.)

5. So how about that dark horse nominee, "Vera Drake"! which I haven't seen, but know enough about to say that'll have the pro-lifers who are paying attention uh, seeing red...Then again, those are the same people who hate Hollywood anyway. Though if it comes to that, I have pro-life sympathies myself - but that's a subject for another day...Anyway, I guess we need at least some politically controversial subject matter to fill in for the virtual shutout of "Fahrenheit 911," "The Passion of Christ," and "Kinsey." (Though there is one other movie among the big contenders that has a pretty hot-button issue tucked inside it, which I shouldn't know about or give away to anyone who hasn't seen the film.)

And that's it for now...more later.


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