Friday, February 18, 2005

No, I Have Not Abandoned "The O.C."

I did, however, miss this week's episode - so someone please fill me in on the latest plot developments.

I must admit I haven't been impressed by the last few eps. The "who cares?" factor is looming larger and larger every week. And now even my last bastion of faith - Sandy - has inexplicably (and unconvincingly) lapsed.

I think I'm going to have to switch my TV allegiance over to Tuesday nights on the WB. "Gilmore Girls," which I've never watched regularly before, is a far superior show - can't even compare the two. "One Tree Hill," like "The O.C.," has definitely gone south in its second season - but it still comes out ahead on the "who cares" question.

I realize I've been AWOL on this blog recently - apologies to my faithful readers, esp. those seeking a diversion from billing hours! I'm seeing a couple of movies this weekend, so new reviews should be coming soon.


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