Monday, February 04, 2008

Cinescopes the Book

Last summer I gave a brief shout-out to Cinescopes, the supercool joint project of my friend Ezra Werb and his friend Risa Williams. Cinescopes stems from the simple yet brilliant idea that you can identify a personality type, or at least certain common personality traits, based on a person's favorite movies. Ezra and Rise identified and described sixteen core personality types, then matched a HUGE list of movies to the type or types each movie was likely to appeal to - so that based on your list of top ten movies, you can ascertain which type you are.

Well, in addition to the web site, they also managed to write a fabulous BOOK that was published last fall! I have a copy, and you all should get one too: it should be available at your local Barnes & Noble, or on

And there's still more exciting news: the authors will be featured on CBS's THE EARLY SHOW this Tuesday, Feb. 5! Yes, that day also happens to be Super Tuesday, but there's no reason why any prospective voter can't also catch the show before heading off to the polling booths. The show runs from 7-9 am; word is that Ezra and Risa will be on some time during the second half, but that's not certain. I will provide any updates if I hear any more.

But in the meantime, buy the book and/or visit the web site!


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