Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Mad Men" Ep. 3.10: "The Color Blue"


But how much of the truth was she able to piece together?

Don, back away slowly from teacher lady. Also, teacher's brother ≠ do-over of Adam. Further involvement with the Farrells will only make your life even messier than it already is - though that might be a minor concern once Betty blows the lid off your secrets. If she does. She has to, doesn't she? Great closing shot of Betty gazing at Don during his acceptance speech. Hitchcock would have drooled.

Peggy was pure awesomeness this episode. I especially liked that she stuck up for that wanker Paul (sorry - couldn't resist), whether or not he deserved it.

Sterling Cooper is for sale again? Then what exactly was the narrative point of the British invasion? It didn't even get Lois fired.

I am, not for the first time, horribly behind on work I need to do for tomorrow, so that's it for now. I once again defer to Sepinwall, among others, for much more judicious thoughts on the episode's themes, esp. those to do with perception. It really seems like no one on this show is seeing the same color blue. But hasn't that been an ongoing pattern on MM for some time now?


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