Friday, February 25, 2005

The O.C. Report

So having seen for myself firsthand just how damn much it can rain here in the Southland, I enjoyed tonight's episode - especially the opening scene.

The whole rainy-melancholy-romantic motif reminded me of a poem I had to read in high school French class, which my best girl friend and I used to make fun of as the stupidest poem in the world, at least as translated (poorly) by us:

It cries in my heart,
Like it rains on the town,
What is this languor
That pierces my heart?

etc. Granted, it's by Verlaine, one of the great French Romantic poets, and obviously sounds better in French, but my friend and I found it lackadaisical and very lame. Anyway, lame or no, it fits the mood of this week's "O.C." even better than Boyz II Men - even though the episode ended happily for Seth-Summer fans. I'm happy, too, but...poor Zach, my heart bled for him. If Summer doesn't want him, can I have him?

Liked the Seth/Spiderman/Peter Parker motif, though they overdid it a little - especially at the end! Still, it was sweet. But did they really have to follow it up with Marissa comforting Ryan? I have to admit that in my heart I do want those two to get back together, too - but notwithstanding the previews, I don't think it's going to happen quite so soon. Even if Alex is proving to be the show's most disposable romantic asset...

Speaking of Marissa and Alex, our spoiled princess is obviously not going to take well to the realities of her lover-girl's lifestyle. Bohemians still have to pay the rent - there's a whole opera to that effect. Come on, Mariss, taking out the trash is good for the soul...

So Sandy's ex-flame exits his life as suddenly as she re-entered it. Never did figure out exactly what she doing there to begin with (having missed a couple of key episodes). I've settled on the theory that she tried to assassinate the President. I'm in sympathy.

Gone, too, evidently, is Lindsey, and I for one am not going to miss her mournful mug. Fiery hair aside, she was such a wet blanket she made Ryan - Ryan! - look positively upbeat and chipper.

Loved the scene with Julie and Kirsten raiding Caleb's cigars and Scotch (or whatever it was they were drinking) and dishing on their lives. I like it when those two call d├ętente and booze it up. Makes Julie more human and Kirsten less perfect.

Previews for week after next don't look particularly promising. Having let Sandy flirt with infidelity, are the writers now letting Kirsten have her turn? To get back at him? Can't they think of something more interesting? To quote Julie Cooper (which I never thought I'd do), Sandy and Kirsten are the moral center of the "O.C." universe. So stop trying to trick us into thinking that their marriage will crumble, because we all know that's not going to happen.

Line of the week:
"Dude, I'm a child of southern California. I can't go out in this, I'll melt."
-Seth, to Ryan, on cell phones, separated by a twenty-foot yard


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